Saturday, April 6, 2013

Macquarium update

It appears that  I have found a few people interested in Mac but I am still working out the details to find that owner that will love this setup as much as I have.  I do have new pictures though to post of all the things that will be included.  Mac is considered a microaquarium and holds only a couple of gallons of water; therefore I haven't set up anything inside because it has such little room in there and I don't want to personalize it for someone else who may have different tastes.  For example, this tiny aquarium has a regular incandescent bulb, a set of LED lights, and a florescent bulb which does need to still be set up.  You can use these lights in any variety of different ways to make it look like a traditional aquarium or to highlight the features inside Mac.  In fact, he came with the traditional underwater vegetation paper background attached but I did remove it so you can see better what he looks like.  It left a little bit of residue at the top, but will be removed and cleaned when you receive him.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Steve Jobs wuz here

Mac and me (I seriously need to rewatch that terrible movie!) are still hanging out and he has additional surprises!  I pulled out the aquarium with the intent of testing for leakiness and noticed something unusual on the inside of Mac- squiggly lines all over the back panel.  I grabbed a flashlight (my phone) and investigated took me a second to realize the John Hancocks of the early Macintosh developers are embossed in there!  I think for anyone who does trade me for the Macquarium could turn him into a deceiving fish aquarium screensaver or maybe paint the back and highlight the signatures with a light to show off this unique feature.

 I did also test for leaks too by filling it up and leaving it on a paper towel for 24 hours. The good news is Nemo and friends would not be flopping in gravel as the aquarium is quite sturdy and leakproof.  The bad news is as much as I am enjoying Mac, I am still eager to keep trading up and haven't had too many offers for him.  Let's find him a new home! 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wait a minute, didn't I already trade my apple? Trade 3: A Macquarium

I thought I had seen the one and only apple on my trade list, but when I was offered a Macquarium (A 1984 Apple Macintosh computer casing modified into an aquarium),  I had to snag it.  I almost want to keep it for myself!
 I met a fellow trader who worked from $10 to a Playstation and bought this Macquarium a while ago but never did anything with it.  Mac, as I'll refer to him for now, is a true original.  He is a model M0001 Macintosh, also known as the Macintosh 128K, with peripherals such as the original keyboard, mouse, and number pad with roller.  This is the same computer that was advertised in the famous Superbowl "1984 commercial!  After playing with the info I gleaned from the serial number, he was produced in the 18th week of 1983, so he is actually a wee bit older than me.  Mac has been cleaned of his internal mechanical bits and had them replaced with a small aquarium.  Included is a pump, filter, aquarium light, gravel, small plastic plants, water condititioner and even a duffel to hold it all!  It needs very minimal work.  If you offer a trade that exceeds my expectations I'll even throw in a fish or two and an old floppy disk to help him remember the good ol' days of computing.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trade 2: Working GameCube with controllers

I was overwhelmed with the response I received, even though the apple was a small item.  I drove north of Waco to help a guy out who had been craving an apple since last night.  As he exchanged his GameCube I knew I needed to find someone as cool as him to barter with next.  I appreciate you helping me on my first step, Russell.  So now the quest continues.  Who is interested in trading something with me for hours of entertainment?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Trade 1 offer: an apple

So, here goes nothing, my very first trade.  Up on deck, a beautiful, juicy, delicious apple.  I hope that having something that may not last forever will kickstart my swap and in addition  represent me as a teacher. Oddly enough, I never have actually received an apple but I guess that was from a bygone era.  I will take any reasonable offer and will answer any questions!  Let the zen begin!